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Oprah Winfrey is the epitome of someone who went from rags to riches. She was the daughter of a teen mother, and grew up in extreme poverty for most of her adolescent years. Considering the struggles Oprah faced as a child living in poverty, such as being teased for wearing potato sacks as dresses to elementary school, it is incredible that she has had the success that she has in her life. Not only was she mentally abused by her classmates, she was sexually abused at one point in her life by a family members. She ran away from home,barely escaping being put in a youth detention center. Now know as the wealthiest and most influential black woman of the century, Winfrey made her first big break in the entertainment and news industry as a radio host at a local black radio station. What people were so impressed by with Oprah was her ability to speak and really make a connection with the listeners. In 1976, she moved to Baltimore to host a talk show. This was only the beginning of her becoming a media giant. Later she became the host of her own show, the Oprah Show. After the first season, Oprah’s show was worth one hundred and twenty five…show more content…
She refused to ever compromise her morality, meaning she kept her shows tabloid free and did not stoop to the level of other top rated media related television shows at the time. Although initially her ratings suffered, Oprah’s show prevailed. The media giant contributed to the publishing world by launching her Oprah's Book Club as part of her talk show. The program pushed many unknown authors to the top of the bestseller lists contributing to their success. It was almost as if she was so helpful to those like she once was, a name no one knew with a lot of potential. The Oprah Winfrey Network did not start off to a good start, as they had financial issues starting their own network. But, the show gained fame after her incredibly honest interview with Lance

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