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Contrast Essay Oprah Winfrey is a billionaire known for her own talk show. Dr. Ben Carson is a neurosurgeon known for separating conjoined twins. They are both famous but have a lot of differences. Oprah was sexually abused as a child and was on her own for a while at 14. Dr. Ben Carson overcame poverty and his inability to control temper. Both were able to overcome these obstacles, but overall they were different due to abuse, anger issues and their career choices. Abuse was a big part of Oprah's childhood, before the abuse she had a very structured home at her grandmothers. Oprah Winfrey was reciting poems and bible verses by age 3 at her local church. At age 6 she was sent to live with her mom who had found a job as a housemaid. From age 9 to age 13 she was sexually abused (Molested) by many male relatives and friends of her mothers, while her mother was absent. When she 13 she tried to run away, only to be sent to Juvenile detention. She was rejected due to there being no more bed space. By the age of 14 Oprah was living on her own. She was very promiscuous as a teenager. Winfrey became pregnant and gave birth to a little boy who died in infancy. Then she decided to go live with her dad in Nashville,…show more content…
He was raised in a very loving single mom home with an older brother. They both went to school and were learning how to read and write, which Ben was made fun of for a lot. He struggled with writing due to the fact that he needed glasses. Soon after he got glasses he excelled very quickly. He won an award for highest achievement in his 8th grade class. A women at the ceremony made a comment that the award should have gone to someone not of color. Because of this Ben started developing a very bad temper. He started yelling and threatening his mom and tried to stab a boy at school. Once Dr. Carson did that he realized he needed to change things around. A few years later Ben started at Yale

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