What Is Miss Representation

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Miss Representation the movie explores how woman are portrayed in modern day society. Miss Representation brings to life the belittling of powerful women and the constant association between women and sex objects. The movie’s motto “You can't be what you can't see” reference younger generations not being able to image themselves in powerful position, because women are commonly represented as weak and vulnerable in the media. The movie gives example of how highly credible women are continuously judge more based on their appearance rather than the content of what they are saying or doing. By solely focusing on a women’s appearance the media is discrediting the value of women. My perspective on the way women are perceived is similar to the views held by the writers of Miss Representation. It is my belief that women are highly unacknowledged…show more content…
Television shows where females are the predominant characters usually consist of them being cooks, fashion critics or catty females such as on “Love and Hip Hop” or “Bad Girls Club”; whereas men are usually seen as superheroes, athletes and/or politicians. Men are given powerful roles in television shows, therefore it correlates to what happens in the real world. It is not likely that women will try to achieve or believe that they can achieve positions where they are in power if it is not the social norm. Some women may feel intimidated or unusual about carrying a position usually held by only man. Hillary Clinton candidacy has stirred a lot of controversy because she is a female. Many misogynists, my brother included, feel a women is not fit to run a county. Despite the fact that she is qualified for the position and shares similar beliefs to my brother, he refuses to vote for her. I don’t feel having a women as president poses any threats to our society so I don’t understand why so many people feel
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