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Oprah Winfrey is an excellent example of a hero because of the many contributions she has made to help young girls across the globe. Oprah was born the illegitimate child of Vernita Lee and Vernon Winfrey on January 29, 1954 in Kosciusko, Mississippi. She went spiraling out of control when she was a teen; at the age of only fourteen, she became pregnant. After losing her child, she became an angry, violent, promiscuous teen, but since then, Oprah has definitely come a long way. Transforming from her rebellious teen years, Oprah has not only become one of the most successful entertainers in history; she has become one of the most generous philanthropists. Throughout her lifetime, Oprah has donated millions to various charities, such as The Angel Network and The Oprah Winfrey Foundation. She has…show more content…
Oprah decided to start this program because she wanted to give the opportunity of education to underprivileged girls in South Africa. Oprah Winfrey could closely relate to these girls because she too was a child of poverty. She loves to work with children and because of this she thought that this project would be a good fit for her. She decided to start building a school in 2002 after visiting with many of the young girls in South Africa that wished to attend. Oprah had promised Nelson Mandela that she would build a school for young girls in South Africa; they had wanted the school to be able to allow young girls to reach their full academic potential. The school was highly sought after by the many girls of South Africa; out of the 3,500 applicants, only 152 were accepted. Oprah Winfrey built this school to give another choice to education other than the one that was currently shrouded by crowds, poor equipment, and danger. She wanted to give children an outlet from the gangs, drugs, and sexual pressure that were very common among adolescents. With this in mind, she built an amazing school with some of the best teachers and administrators around

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