The Giver Rhetorical Analysis

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The Giver We are all aware that emotions and feelings are the most important aspect to the human race, without it everything would be the same. Emotions allow people to express their uniqueness through what they are feeling inside not just what you can see from the outside. Lessons that we learn in our lives are used as memories to prevent or encourage events that take place during our lives.Can you imagine living in a world where freedom is taken away from you? A community where you aren’t allowed to express yourself and be an individual. Our class was allowed to get an understanding of what those regulations in a society are like. In the discussion of the novel The Giver I hope to inform you the themes and lessons that are revealed in the…show more content…
Times where people feel left out, excluded and just alone. Many mental health problems are caused by loneliness and seclusion. But what if you're feeling alone because no one else knows what you know. Jonas has been able to have the exposure to many life experiences he would have never knew about if it wasn’t for The Giver. The Giver decides to share the memory of love with Jonas to let him know how he feels about him in addition to giving the opportunity to experience the incredible emotion. Since Jonas never knew what love was before he was excited and joyful to have been able to encounter the new feeling. Jonas then thought about Fiona and his admiration for her, he then came to the realization that he actually loved her. Jonas was so excited about the new feeling that he wanted to express it towards others, but then he remembered that no one else had the ability to know what love was. Jonas felt immediately sad and lonely because he was the only one who knew what love was besides The Giver. The Giver intentionally gave memories of happiness and laughter to Jonas at the beginning of their training so Jonas won’t become a failure like the previous receiver Rosemary. Jonas enjoyed the memories and didn’t think the training was difficult. Jonas then asked The giver what and when the pain would begin, The Giver had given Jonas the memory of the sled and hill again but this time Jonas got injured bad and felt a lot of pain. Later when he went home to his dwelling and ate dinner he noticed everyone was laughing and having fun. Jonas realized that they have never experienced real physical pain, they don’t know how much it hurts. Many people that have gone to war or are involved in other dangerous or terrifying activities are often left with a mark. The mark is the memory of having endured that mental pain, a scar that will be left with you for the rest of your life. For soldiers that have gone to war it's the

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