Compare And Contrast Castro And Hitler

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Hitler and Castro Hitler and Castro were the most famous dictators of last century. They had a lot of similarities and differences in their politics and views on development of their nations. To get success they both used the same levers: propaganda of their beliefs, nationalism and socialism. The ways they came to power were different: Hitler was a member of Nazi Party in Germany; Castro had no party, he and his supporters got the power the in Cuba through revolution. They both made such set of strategies that their nations would get profit. For Hitler, the formation of the Nazi Party Program of 1920 concentrated on nationalistic and also socialist views which the Nazis appreciated, for example, the prohibition of non-German nationals to…show more content…
Hitler acknowledged and permitted the freedom of religion in case of its support to the interests of the state, while Castro, who was a Roman Catholic from his birth, disagreed with religion and was banned by the Pope after ruination of Catholic churches in Cuba. While Hitler used the impact of religion on society, Castro was opposite to it. Hitler was funded by kindred Nazi supporters, and Castro was financed from abroad, for example fellow Cubans who was living in America. Both of them became leaders of their nations without much violence. It is obvious that by the time they got the head of the country, both had almost no enemies left (Walters and Castro). The contrasts between their promotions to power are the justification and legitimacy of their strategies. Hitler's routines by coming to Fuhrer were through legitimate procedures, initially, chose as the chancellor of the government with all necessary formalities. On the other hand, Castro eventually drove an armed revolution, which promoted the escaping of his opponent Batista. Castro had principally different ways of dealing with the enemy than Hitler. Instead of threatening of the enemy soldiers that were captured, Castro offered to treat them humanly in well conditions, including being well fed. After that they have had an opportunity to join his army. Hitler punished, conducted experiments and tortured the captives, as we may know from the World War II articles. He treated cruelly to anyone who was not a supporter of the Aryan

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