Online Learning Vs Traditional Learning

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I do agree that online learning is often more effective than the traditional classroom instruction.If we compare the effectiveness of classroom and online learning,the effectiveness is very obvious with the following arguments. Teaching in the classroom was over centuries ago. It is consider the oldest method in the field of education. Until the era of technology, its effectiveness had become controversial. According to MethodResearch Methods Anna Ya Ni California State University–San Bernardino Abstract: an online education offerings a very flexible in terms of time- and place for students, the degree to which online students are more successful as compared to their classroom equivalent. In classroom education, time and place…show more content…
Furthermore, by comparing student performance measures and justification of learning experience from the following two methods (online and traditional ) sections of a required graduate public administration research methods course taught by the same lecturer, this paper provides evidence that student performance as assessed by grade is independent of the mode of commandment. Online environment insist more challenging in research methods classes than in traditional classroom method. As we know mood will sways, anger may reveal in a certain situation ,so their mode of teaching sure will be different from time to time.With this unpersistance mode,the effectiveness of teaching is…show more content…
They can do anytime when time is allowed not like classroom learning where age is limited and also time factors,with the time allowance many people can achieve their ambition although they missed out during their study time frame . Moore and Thompson (1990, 1997) reviewed much of this type of research from the 1980s through the 1990s and concluded that distance education was effective in terms of achievement of learning, attitudes expressed by students and teachers, and return on investment (1997). Harrington (1999) compared classroom and online statistics instruction for master’s-level social work students and suggested that students who previously have been successful academically can do just as well with a distance learning approach as can students in a traditional classroom course. Within the limited amount of original Comparing the Effectiveness of Classroom and Online Learning 204 Journal of Public Affairs Education research, three broad measures of the effectiveness of online education are usually examined: (a) student outcomes, such as grades and test scores; (b) student attitudes about learning through distance education; and (c) overall student satisfaction toward distance learning.

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