Advantages Of Microalgae Culture

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2. Why Choose Microalgae culture or Microalgae as an Ideal biomass? Or Microalgae: advantages and disadvantages The microalgae culture have the infinite potential to be used as primary producers of biomass in coming years, eventually they will turn out to be as most significant energy source. They can act as feedstock for several types of renewable fuels such as ethanol, methanol, biodiesel, methane and hydrogen. Table 1 represents certain feedstocks used for biofuel production (Chisti 2007; Dominguez-Faus et al., 2009; Mata et al., 2010; Singh et al., 2011; Ziolkowska et al., 2014; Milano et al., 2016). After analysing the table it seems such that microalgae have the potential to completely replace the other feedstocks from first and second…show more content…
Harvesting of dilute suspensions of microalgae culture is not energy efficient. Methodologies need to be developed for recycling water, nutrients and energy using environmental footprint. The enhancement of microalgae culture proves to be very important prospective source for potential future renewable energy. The higher content of water in the microalgal cells requires more energy for harvesting and drying, thereby increasing the energy and cost of total production. The higher capital cost and intensive care required by microalgal farming compared to conventional agricultural farming hampers the commercial application of the microalga for biofuels production. The economics of producing microalgal biofuel needs to be enriched extensively inorder to compete with petroleum based products. However all these disadvantages can be overcome and diminished by utilizing microbial metabolic and genetical engineering coupled with biochemistry understanding of microalgae culture which can lead to production of fourth generation of biofuels (Kaur et al., 2011). Optimized growth conditions and use of productive strains can yield microalgal cells with a concurrent high lipid content and growth rate (Griffiths et al., 2011). The more strategies could be worked out in order to enhance microalgal culture/biomass either through mutualistic interaction (algae-bacteria symbiosis), optimization of growth medium and other growth parameters that are discussed

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