Advantages And Disadvantages Of Chatbots

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Bots – Chatbots: First there were websites, then there were apps and now there are bots! A bot is a communication framework where you easily order stuffs you want. What is chatbot? A chatbot is a conversational agent that interacts with users using natural language. Chatbots are effective tools when it comes to education, IR, e-commerce, Customer Service, Call Centers etc. Why we need Chatbots? • Widespread use of personal machines. • Better Human Computer Interaction. • “To express their interest, wishes, or queries directly and naturally, by speaking, typing, and pointing” Businesses are trying to discover and understand what Chatbots can do for their business – still early in the game. Chatbots a software that change the way humans…show more content…
Messaging apps are ubiquitous and dominate consumer’s mobile engagement. Between Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Viber, Telegram, and Hangouts; messaging has almost complete market penetration. On top of this, messaging has 5.6 times higher 12-month retention than other mobile apps. - 9 out of 10 consumers globally want to use messaging to talk to businesses in Application to consumer. - Only 48% of businesses are equipped to connect with customers through a messaging. - In 2015, the global Chatbot market was valued at US$ 88.3 Mn and it is expected to witness an exponential growth during the next year. - Facebook, Inc., Google, Inc., and Microsoft Corporation were the clear winners in the global chatbot market in 2015. Their collective share of close to 97.5% in the market’s revenue is an indicator of the extremely consolidated nature of the market. - Worldwide, consumers interacting with brands through mobile messaging make up 76 percent. - Retail seems to be the big user compared to Financial sector and Healthcare in adopting bots. - Consumer to Consumer interactions, Facebook is leader by 56 percent. What to expect in near…show more content…
right now, and in the coming years they are going to become more prevalent in their use and more hidden in their implementation. New and innovative use cases are evolving and also raising questions where chatbot use is acceptable and how it can be used to better serve users across many different domains and industries. The bigger question is whether one can ever convince a user they are chatting with a human. For example, Facebook integrates Chatbots into its Messenger app to allow businesses to create interactions for customers; Amazon Echo gives customers access to Chatbots that allow them to play music or pay their credit card bill; and Domino’s lets customers place pizza orders via social media. Over the past 50 Years, looking at the evolution of the field of A.I, the biggest successes are algorithms that started as A.I. research and that we don’t even think of as A.I. any longer, such as browser searches. We are seeing the same thing in Chatbots as these algorithms are getting implemented in other places. Indeed, within 10 years, we will likely find that we no longer think of Chatbots as a distinct technology, but as just an aspect of apps or another technology that we have yet to imagine, may be 7th sense overtaking the 6th

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