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Old Spice is known to have some of the most random and weirdest commercials. What are they exactly trying to tell the public about their product? Is there a reason for all of the seemingly random madness in their commercials? To answer this, one must breakdown one of the commercials first. The commercial that will be broken down is “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” It begins with Isaiah Mustafa in a bathroom wearing a towel with a shower running in the background. He addresses the ladies on the viewing audience and then ask them to compare their man to himself two time. He then comes to the sad conclusion that their man is not like him. But he reassures his lady viewers that if their man were to stop using lady scented body wash and switch…show more content…
A broad for the demographic definition would be the middle class people with moderate income. One thing to note is that Isaiah Mustafa directly addresses the women in this commercial. What Old Spice is trying to say is that if the women’s men use their body wash, they will smell like the man of their dreams who will take them to romantic places, the boat and the beach, and will give them presents, the tickets an diamonds. This is an example of the window effect. However, not very women would go out of there to get their man a new type of body wash that is meant for men. Men are the true target of this commercial. After all, it is for a men’s hygiene…show more content…
The only information given was the brand name, Old Spice. But the commercial was successful and popular because it gave an idea or a symbol instead. Through the image of Isaiah Mustafa and the quick changing humor throughout the commercial, Old Spice presents the idea of what true masculinity is. What it really means to be a man: charming, energetic, spontaneous, sophisticated, and humorous. This what Old Spice is saying what one would be if they use their product. This helps widen Old Spice appeal to different ages. To a young male, Old Spice presents itself as way to help him become a true man. To older males, Old Spice is a way that can help them feel a little bit younger. Another interesting note is what Old Spice did with their women audience. Much of Old Spice’s competitors, like Axe, would somewhat objectified women in their ads. Old Spice did something different. They jumped off the band wagon. At the beginning of the commercial they directly address the women of their audience and proceeded to show what their life “could be like.” This also adds on to the image of what a true man is, someone who respect

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