Super Bowl Ad Analysis

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On the first Sunday of February, America’s most watched sporting event broadcasted gathers viewing parties everywhere filled with spinach-artichoke dip, buffalo chicken wings and enough beer for everyone to forget which team won. Of course I am speaking about the Super Bowl, the National Football League championship game, bringing over 110 million viewers annually. Arguably it is considered advertising's biggest platform to make a lasting impression on the consumers watching. Bud Light, Doritos and Pepsi are known to be the kings of Super Bowl commercials. In the 52nd Super Bowl, Tide the laundry detergent company really made a huge splash on the scene this year and was ranked number three on the Forbes funniest Super Bowl commercial list.…show more content…
The first minute long commercial had SAG Award winner David Harbour, famously known as Chief Hopper in Stranger Things, mimicking other typical commercials such as a dreamy perfume ad, a funny beer ad, and an extreme body building ad. Tide was persuading the audience to believe if the clothing in the ads they were about to watch throughout the game were stain free then it “makes every Super Bowl ad a Tide ad.” If a product is worthy of getting a celebrity’s attention, then it sure is worthy of your money, right? Celebrities are one way companies influence consumers to buy their product. Ads containing a celebrity endorser are more inclined to be remembered over others that do not contain one. Tide used David Harbour to add a familiar face to the product in order for people to remember the commercial. In the 20 second commercials that Tide had during the second and third quarter, they included well known spokesmen from other companies to mislead viewers to believe it was an ad for Old Spice deodorant or Mr. Clean cleaning products. Overall Tide has targeted all demographics except children and teens, especially after the pod situation. An exceptional example of Tide targeting older men and women was by including a joint relief tennis commercial in the fourth quarter. Mainly the commercials all together were very effective since it was tweeted about every Super Bowl ad that was not a movie trailer. Being considered as the most tweeted about commercial is a relatively new concept. Back in the 80’s advertising had a different effect on

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