Treaty Of Versailles Effects On Germany Essay

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The German children stacked their country's currency one on top of the other as if it were just simple building blocks. Money in Germany had become useless. After WWI, Germany was blamed for the damage that was done and the lives that were lost especially in France. The Treaty of Versailles forced Germany to pay 100 billion tons of gold back to the allies (Treaty of Versailles). Germany began printing currency, but soon German money became worthless and people used it to keep their fires going. This made no one more enraged than a man named Adolf Hitler. The depression that hit Germany after WWI was a major cause of the tragedy known as the Holocaust. Before WWI, Deutschland was desperately wanting to be more powerful. This action scared…show more content…
Woodrow Wilson was interested in making an actual treaty of peace however, other European leaders sought vengeance. They wrote the treaty according to how they felt about the war. Certainly the allies agreed that it was not their own fault, but the axis fault. The allies wanted Germany's economy to crash and for the huge country to just crumble away (Treaty of Versailles). The Treaty of Versailles effected Germany greatly. This European county was to admit that they were guilty. Germany was not allowed to be included in the New League of Nations until 1926. Germany was stripped of 13 percent of its's land and the amount of men in its army was at an all-time low. For many, The Treaty of Versailles was a treaty of peace, but for Germany this was not the case. The German people protested greatly about the treaty and this was dangerous. It made it possible for the later Nazi leader of Germany to swoop into power and gain control (Treaty of Versailles). Adolf hated The Treaty of Versailles and the politicians who signed it. He was furious that the effort of the army had done nothing. Hitler made a famous speech on April 17, explaining his thoughts on The Treaty of Versailles. He exclaimed that Germany had been

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