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Article Title: What can Old Spice teach us about effective marketing Date of Publication: April 2 2014 Date Accessed: 6th June 2015 Author: Paula Borowska Source: http://www.creativeguerrillamarketing.com/viral-marketing/can-old-spice-teach-us-effective-marketing/ Reasons for article: This article talks about how Old Spice’s advertisement was so successful and as we are trying to sell the idea of ethical shopping to consumers, we can use the ideas. Credibility of source: Paula Borowska works with small companies helping them in their advertising or publication works. Hence has a good insight into the world of marketing and advertisement. She has also written a book – Mobile Design book . The website – Creative Guerrilla Marketing…show more content…
This helps build a connection with viewers and as it resonated with viewers, people paid attention. Inference: Use of a handsome actor plays on people’s emotions. People are attracted to the actor Isaiah Mustafa for his body and look, and this is used to attract viewer’s attention. Hence I conclude that the use of vivid or eye catching images can attract customers and influence their decisions. Proposal (1): I have decided to come up with an advertisement which uses images which are simple but yet leave behind a lasting impression on viewers. Emotive captions would serve to drive home the point of the…show more content…
Both posters sells the idea of doing good to the consumers, targeting the “feel good” portion of the brain triggered by doing good. Boosting awareness and demand. Usefulness of source (2): “Old Spice wanted more engagement with their customers. They wanted to connect with their audience on an intimate and more personal level. How do you do this? By filming 180 video responses to fans in a YouTube Channel.” Inferences: Customers who watched the video can be involved through suggestions on what Old Spice should do for the next commercial. Collaboration between viewers and Old Spice, brought the product to a closer, more intimate connection to the consumer, bringing about demand for the good. We can try to bring a personal touch to the product and it will sell. Proposal (2): Consumers who purchase from ethical producing companies, know only that they made an ethically correct decision but not the extent of which they helped. I propose that for every purchase made, we can direct customers to a website with videos and data on how their decision helped others and the environment. The feel good factor of doing good would spur customers to continue to make purchase from ethical clothing companies. Mobile

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