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The SpongeBob Movie The Nickelodeon movie The SpongeBob Movie was released in 2004. It begins with Mr. Krabs announcing the new manager of the Krusty Krab 2. Mr. Krab then called out squidward’s name instead of Spongebob. Later, Plankton finds “Plan Z”, which include stealing King Neptune’s crown. Plankton goes and gets the crown and sells it to Shell City and frame Mr. Krabs. Meanwhile, Spongebob is at Goofy Goober's grieving. SpongeBob experiences hangover-like symptoms in the morning. King Neptune arrives to the Krusty Krab thinking Mr. Krabs has stolen his crown. This is when Spongebob gives Mr. Krabs his point of view about the situation. Then Spongebob offered himself to retrieve the crown. The duo takes the Patty Wagon but soon loses…show more content…
For example, at the new Krusty Krab 2 ceremony, Spongebob felt confident that he was the new manager. He is convinced it will be him due to the fact that he has been the employee of the month for thirty something months in a row. Then he hears Squidward's name called instead leading him into disbelief. He burst into tears and starts to have a break down in front of the audience as Squidward accepts the award. Mr. Krabs then explains to Spongebob that he did not get the position because he was just a kid. This displayed Spongebob’s initial depression towards him not getting the position. Another example, could be when Spongebob and Patrick went to Goofy Goobers to originally celebrate Spongebob’s promotion, but now it's to get over the loss with the help of ice cream. At the ice cream parlor, Spongebob starts to have seconds thoughts about being there. Patrick then starts off the night with a Triple Gooberberry Sunrise Sundae which lures Spongebob back and he orders one for himself. Therefore, Spongebob goes overboard with the ice cream and starts to show hang-over symptoms such as a headache, fatigue, dizziness . He then passes out on the floor with Patrick by his side to only be woken up the next morning by the ice cream man. His trip to the ice cream parlor illustrated his desperate attempt to get over the whole situation. Finally, another example is when Spongebob comes into work the…show more content…
For example, when Spongebob stands up for Mr. Krabs and tells King Neptune that he will retrieve his crown for him in six days with the help of Patrick. This demonstrated his devotion to his job and his boss by putting his own safety aside for the greater good. Furthermore, the duo comes across a bar where they find the stolen patty wagon parked outside. They go inside and looks for the person who took the car to get the keys back. While inside Spongebob tells Patrick to create a distraction while he tries to take the keys from the man’s back pocket. Patrick fails, so they have to create an excuse and head to the bathroom. Spongebob and Patrick starts blowing bubbles and one escapes the bathroom causing a commotion in the bar. That lone bubble starts a “Baby Hunt” which causes them to gather up everyone and play the Goofy Goober theme song. By luck, someone else bursts out into song before them letting the duo escape with the key. This showed both their quick thinking skills and cleverness. Another example would be when they came across an innocent looking woman selling ice cream who turned out to be a monster who actually ate the patty wagon. That showed their ability to keep calm in a surprise situation. Soon after they come to a halt at a cavern full of monsters. With the help of Mindy, King Neptune’s daughter, they develop the courage

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