Personal Narrative: How To Play Softball

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Everyone learns a lesson on a day to day basis. Most the time these lessons are small, but sometimes people walk away with a lesson that has shaped their life permanently. Looking back, learning how to play softball is something that has impacted my life and has taught me many lessons. The lessons that I have learned from playing softball are, perseverance, time management, and determination. When learning how to play softball it taught me how to persevere through many different things. How it taught me to become more capable to push through is because of hard conditioning and long games/practices. When I was at practice we learned that it is easier to just push through and get it over with instead of giving up and having to either redo it or go through something harder. It helped shape my thought process into believing that it is easier in the long run to get through whatever trail I am going through. This has made it easier in my school work and job to help push me to work hard and complete what needs to be done.…show more content…
I would normally have softball practice every day. I would go to school for eight hours, then go to softball practice for another three hours, then I would have to go home and complete my homework and daily chores. With having an intense schedule like that you have to choose how you need to spend your time. It prepared me for being able to now work almost forty hours a week, and still go to school full time. I can get my homework done, work what I need to work, and still be able to manage my everyday activities. Being able to manage my time makes life super easy now even though I do have a busy

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