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The following essay consists of comparison between two commercials analysis, Girl’s Don’t Poop by Poo Pourri and The Man Your Man Could Smell Like by Old Spice. Poo Pourri is a company that has sold millions of scented toilet air freshener whilst Old Spice is an American brand that produced male grooming products such as soap, deodorants, shampoo manufactured by Procter & Gamble. Poo-Pourri is a company that specialized in making a toilet sprays and has advertise ‘Girl’s Don’t Poop’ featuring a stylish lady, Bethany Woodruff. The ad has taken place in a public toilet, at the office, apartment and also on a dairy farm, in promoting the product. It is before-you-go toilet sprays or deodorizers which can coat the surface of water thus leaving a refreshing bathroom odor while doing business or pooping. As the ad is featured by a lady, it shows that a woman is seen as an object with a proper British accent, the use of funny script and toilet humor as their quirky strategy to attract audience. The products target both male and female, but in this particular ads, it seem to aim more on female. This is probably because women tends to have ‘toilet anxiety’ or…show more content…
In terms of a slogan, for the campaign they heavily utilized “Smell like a Man, Man,” “the man your man could smell like,” and the whistle/jingle that has represented Old Spice for years previous. It was made simple to fit the format of the campaign and has stuck with audiences because of its simplicity. The campaign also utilized personification in giving their corporation the face of Isaiah Mustafa. They created almost a mascot out of him, letting him represent the company in the ads and out of them. Finally, they tried to associate the product with wealth, luxury, classiness, and manliness, even if it is in a way of humor and

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