'A Rhetorical Analysis Of Mom Song'

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Smellcome to Manhood The Old Spice “Mom Song” commercial grabbed the attention of millions in 2014. The purpose of the Mom Song commercial is to sell Old Spice body spray to young men. In the beginning and throughout the commercial, moms of young boys are singing sadly about their sons growing up all because of this certain brand of body spray. Suddenly their sons are not doing their chores and misbehaving with girls because of one thing, Old Spice body spray. The moms are being stereotypical moms and even stalking their sons while they are on dates with their new girlfriends. Even though there is a sad and melancholy mood towards the beginning of the commercial, the overall theme is funny and light-hearted. The humor in the commercial makes…show more content…
In this commercial the mother is feeling emotional about her son becoming a man. However, the son is using Old Spice body spray to smell great and attract pretty women. Other moms can relate to the mothers in the commercial because they too are upset about their sons becoming men and getting girlfriends. In addition, the use of music in the background is an example of pathos. The background music of the commercial contributes to the overall emotions that the mothers are feeling. Also, the humor of the commercial makes the young men that are watching it feel intrigued and interested in buying Old Spice’s products. Young men might relate to the commercial emotionally because they feel that their mothers are overbearing and holding them back from reaching manhood. For example, “Now he smells like a man, and they treat him like one,” is a line from the commercial that persuades men that you will, in fact, become a man if you use Old Spice body spray. In addition, the “Smellcome to Manhood” slogan appears at the end of the commercial and finally captures the audience’s attention and confirms their decision to buy Old Spice. The slogan is the final message to the audience that they will be making the right decision by using Old Spice body spray. To conclude, pathos is one of the most important rhetorical concepts for the success of this…show more content…
Overall this commercial is very effective and does its’ job of capturing the attention of men who want to smell good. By using a humorous theme and a catchy song, this commercial captivates its audience from the beginning. The ethos of the commercial is that Old Spice has been a well-known brand for a while and are very credible because of it. The logos in the commercial is that all men want to smell good. Also the commercial insinuates that if you don’t use Old Spice you won’t have pretty girlfriends or nice cars. The pathos in the commercial appeals to the emotions of the men watching the commercial and the moms who are upset that their sons are growing up and becoming men. The rhetorical concepts of ethos, pathos, logos, as well as a catchy tune, makes this commercial successful and effectively sells the product of Old Spice

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