Civilization In Ancient Africa

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When many think of Africa, they have a set myth in their minds about what it should be and what the people should be like; impoverished, uneducated, and all around needing help and needing to be taken care of. But this, is far from the case. Africa, contrary to popular belief held by so many, was once a place where innovation, knowledge, culture, and civilization itself thrived. While there is often the prevalent misconception present that Africa only became a semblance of civilization due to the teachings of ancient European and other cultures, that is simply not the case. Civilization itself originated with the start of Egypt, Egypt created laws to govern its people, had set monarchs to dictate rules, and had said laws in place to help regulate…show more content…
Forms of social and political organizations included the Pharaoh who created laws, chiefdoms who spread the laws across the Nile and various other parts of the territory in order to insure they were followed and taxes were collected accordingly. Because of these laws set in place, the country thrived. Towns had regular transactions with each other, they engaged in trade and over time came to social practices, beliefs, and artistic styles and ideologies. (Dunn, Lecture Slides/Notes 2018). The Pharaoh/Chief system, while primitive by modern standards, was extremely effective in uniting the different territories that surrounded Egypt, made them realize they had more in common and increased trade among them. By doing this, Egypt expanded its own empire so to speak. The creation of a centralized government that created laws and taxed its people as a collective later caused them to pull together because of their common ground. Creating a centralized government in Egypt caused it to become bigger and stronger, thus a point of learning can be taken from this and applied to other cultures; having the foundation of a centralized government can in fact help in building people’s relationships both with each other and their ruling government, allowing for the overall growth of a powerful country/civilization capable of thriving and existing for a fairly reasonable amount of…show more content…
The Egyptians managed their original communications via hieroglyphics, ancient drawings. These hieroglyphics documented daily tasks, trade, and various other daily aspects of life. This form of writing was so useful in fact, when the Greek people took over Egypt they proceeded to translate the language into their own. The stone contained hieroglyphics translating Egyptian drawings into cursive Egyptian and then into Greek language (Shillington 2012, pg. 70). Keep in mind, once the Greeks invaded they saw the language as useful, otherwise they wouldn’t have allowed to be translated into their writing altogether. The Egyptians successfully created a language that allowed for carrying out of advanced tasks, so much so that the cultures proceeding them found the language valuable to their own

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