Situation Analysis: Honor Students

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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Situation Analysis Being an honor student is holding a great title, being known as an excelling student in class among the rest of the certain batch or class. But do these so-called “Honor Students” enjoy their titles and respect from others? Do they feel comfortable always being looked up to? This study mainly focuses on the prospects and challenges of honor students in Al Danah International School, Riyadh, ranging from the Junior High School and Senior High School. This research surrounds the views, opinions and perspectives of honor students coming from grades 9 to 12 from the Junior and Senior High School Department both the boys and girls section to also widen the understanding required of both opposing genders.…show more content…
Both represent forms of “private gain.” Concluding, the researcher aims to extend their knowledge and others about how Male and Female honor students ranging from grades 9 to 12 which comprises the Junior and Senior high school department deal with different prospect and challenges on a daily basis being a so-called “Honor Student”. They sought to find the behavior and other attributes that give them concepts or ideas about themselves as honor students. Framework of the Study The framework about the study surrounds the laws and physics about psychology, moreover specifically about the social, emotional and other behavioral attitudes that a student from grades 9-12 both girls and boys who are academic achievers or so-called ‘’honor students’’ may go through with specific prospects and challenges they face on a day to day basis. In this study laws and theories that were formulated will be used in relation for the researcher to gather the data required and formulate a solution to solve the problem that was sought to be solved in the beginning of the study and improve the lifestyle of the people. This study furthermore wishes to help academic achievers and honor students give more focus, attention and dedication to what they desire…show more content…
6.) What makes them have/ want to be an academic achiever? 7.) Do they feel their social ranks as an individual increased being entitled as academic achievers? 8.) Do these students have the so-called “Imposter’s Syndrome”? 9.) What are their goals and desires that may them decide or motivated to become academic achievers? 10.) Where do they see themselves 15 years from now? Conceptual Paradigm The researcher will use grades 9 to 12 both male and female students as respondents to this study and gather the necessary data to complete and improve this study. Then the researcher will use questionnaires and distribute them to the specific students. Also the researcher will interview some of them in person to read their aura and how they physically carry themselves as an individual. The output would be citing out specifically what type of problem these students face and formulate a solution to their problem. Hypotheses Null-Hypothesis The researcher failed to accurately gather the data required due to the lack of resources and lack of time due to overloading of work. The respondents failed to answer the questionnaires or did not take the interview into

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