Essay On Tradition And Culture

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Tradition and Culture-To what extent has tradition and culture created a bond and a clash between different countries and nation. Placing our self in 21 century and looking back realizing how far have we reached carrying different tradition and culture with all the respect, passion. along with that able to face all kinds of ups and downs with countries and nation while creating a love bond or clashing with matters such as religion, political, etc., Moreover practicing them, is not the only cause as tradition helps us give our own identity and express ourselves in front of others with a polite manner or texture. Global Perspectives a)India-Japan India and Japan share a great bond when it comes to culture exchange focusing on religion especially…show more content…
Moreover coming to Turkey it is one of the Islamic countries which has about 98.99% of Muslim oriented and rest Christain which makes them really concerned and due to this the tourists usually need to be in a proper clothing and their might be many restrictions for them which might get a clash between countries and nations. In parts of the India there are different types of tradition practiced but with the same base such as women in India are not allowed to wear clothes which are inappropriate or reaviling as its not obligatory besides that hindus have a tradition in which they are suppose to take blessings from elders by touching their feet besides that in India the food is usually served with two to three rounds its not knowm as disrespect if you get full at second round and are not in a state to go for the third round. In India the women are usually dressed in a sari indian clothing or salwar kameez it is not good for married women to wear white cloths as its worn by widowed women, men are usually dressed in salwar kameez or formal clothing is acceptable as
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