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Ryan Mulqueeny ADHD Thesis ADHD Treatment Options ADHD is one of the most prevalent disorders in today’s day and age, especially in children. I have been diagnosed with the disorder itself, so I will be able to offer not only a personal standpoint and opinion, but also the knowledge that I have acquired over the years of treatment and studying the topic. ADHD is also the one of the most, if not the most researched topic for child mental health. However, even though it is widely researched, there is still a ton of information that is unknown, including the cause itself. There is some evidence that ADHD is genetic and also that it affects the brain, but other than that, there is not too much information on what causes ADHD. Around one-third…show more content…
(possible thesis statement) There are many symptoms of ADHD including not being able to focus (inattentiveness), being overly active (hyperactivity), or being unable to control behavior (impulsivity). For a young child, these symptoms are extremely common, which makes diagnosing ADHD rather difficult. ADHD has become somewhat of a hot topic recently and it seems like everyone has it now. However, it does make sense that it is becoming more and more widespread. Being diagnosed with ADHD can seem beneficial to a child or adolescent because they will get certain benefits such as extra time on tests and prescription medication to help them focus on schoolwork. Doctors also benefit because the more patients they have, the more money they will make. Because ADHD symptoms are such common characteristics, it is hard for doctors to be able to figure out whether or not a child has ADHD or not. With the combination of possible false diagnoses, the high chances of parents passing it down to their children, parents jumping to early conclusions because their child is not performing up to their parents expectation, and a few other factors, it is…show more content…
There are two types of stimulant medications: methylphenidates and amphetamines. Medications like Concerta and Ritalin are methylphenidates and medications like Adderall and Vyvanse are amphetamines,. There are many similarities in the medications because they are both stimulants. However, there are important differences such as the amount of time they last, how they affect appetite, and their chemical composition. Stimulant medication works extremely well for me, but they do come with some annoying side effects that has caused me to take breaks from my medication periodically. Many people think there are negative effects if ADHD medication is interrupted for a while and started up again. However, an interruption can actually be a good thing because if a person takes ADHD medication for a long time, his/her tolerance will be boosted and the medication will not be nearly as effective. As children continue to take medication, the effects begin to lessen and the dosage needs to be increased. Dr. Roy Boorady, a Child Mind Institute psychiatrist and one of the nation’s top experts in psychopharmacological treatment of children and adolescents states: "When I treat a child from, say, age seven, I find I have to increase the dose, maybe 20%, to recapture the benefit. But after 15 or 16, I find that kids end up needing less, not more." This may have to do with the adolescent’s tolerance building up or because they have

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