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We all have that one place we feel most comfortable. Whether that place be a room, a library, or a peak of a mountain, this particular place tends to consume our bodies with calmness and contentment. Personally, that place would be my bedroom. It is the place I naturally gravitate to regardless of my state of mind. If I am feeling blue, on top of the world, or nothing at all, I find myself looking around the four white walls of my room. It could be that I have an introverted personality, but my room is my safe haven, where I unleash my creativity, and where I spend the majority of my time. When you enter my room, directly in sight is my bed. It is a queen size, with white bedsheets and a thick, snowlike white, cover over it. On the edge of my bed, I keep a grey throw blanket laid diagonally, somewhat hanging off the edge. It is as soft as a baby’s…show more content…
I have four fluffy pillows all covered in a white case that makes them look like clouds on a rainy day, and two medium sized, soft, grey pillows that match my throw blanket. The headboard is a rustic and wooden piece. Above the headboard is my scattered art wall. The art wall consists of both personal and purchased art. In a fairly large frame hung directly in the center is a quote in black capital letters and a white background, that reads, “LIVE BY THE SUN, LOVE BY THE MOON.” To the right is my personal photography that I snapped and framed in small and medium sized frames. These particular photos include the Golden Gate Bridge, Newport Beach, The Grand Canyon, Universal Studios and of course a candid shot of my boyfriend. To the left of the large frame is the art that I purchased or have received. It is a little naked and needs more love, but so far, I have collected a framed reproduction of Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ painting and a frame reproduction of Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ painting. On each side of my bed are two tiny, rustic night tables. On top of the right table, I have a little

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