The Pros And Cons Of Fake News

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The Truth We all lie, and if you say you have never told a lie well, then you’re lying. When you were a kid or teenager you lied to your parents, but guess what? They lied to you too. The reason your parents lie was probably not to be malicious, but maybe to keep you from getting hurt or because they didn’t want you to do something. I have told my children a few lies here and there because sometimes it’s better that they didn’t hear the truth. Our parents or loved ones have lied to us, so it’s not so surprising that the government would lie too or that our President would lie. They are not the first nor are they going to be the last ones to fall short from the truth. Fake news is just that, news that is not true. We hear it everywhere from the news media to social media, and it seems to be more a problem today than it ever has been before. (Chen, 2014) Fake news travels fast too. You could have a friend read a story online about someone, share it on social media and next thing you know it goes viral, and has been seen by hundreds or thousands of people. These fake…show more content…
That is what politics are made up of, who can tell the best lie to get into office, make decisions for our state and country, or to keep themselves out of trouble. It started back in the 60’s when Eisenhower was President. He told a lie to keep himself out of trouble for sending a spy plane over the Soviet Union that disappeared. (Bakke, 2017) There was also the Bill Clinton sex scandals lies, and the most recent 2,000 misleading claims told by President Trump. (Kessler & Kelly, 2018) Does it matter that President Trump repeatedly makes false claims about what he will do, has done, or did when we already have a bias opinion of him? No matter what news articles we read about the President, we will usually interpret it the way we want to either applaud or dismiss

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