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Thai and Laos culture Diplomatic relations between Kingdom of Thailand and Lao People's Democratic Republic were established in 1950. Laos and Thailand share a common border and both states have an interest in making the Mekong River a "river of true peace and friendship" which two countries can see each other counties’ destination in the opposite sites. These day, There are four Thai-Lao Friendship Bridges over the Mekong River where connecting four provinces; Nong Kai, Mukdahan, Nakorn Phanom and Chiangrai to link two countries straddling the narrow central reservation. To see how close we were, this research would like to compare the similarities and differences of Thailand and Laos cultures by presenting comparisons of religion, languages,…show more content…
It is still the same case as language that very similar if compared to Isan. Sticky rice is the staple food of Laos. The rice must be soaked for several hours before being steamed in a basket over a pot of boiling water. It is then put in another basket that serves as a serving dish. Sticky rice is eaten with the single hand. People shape sticky rice as a small ball by take a bit of rice from a basket. It is then dipped into the serving dish for whatever other food is offered. Their food tends to be very hot or very salty so that one will eat lots of rice with them. A recommended Laos’ menu is dried salty beef. Beef is sliced thin and liberally doused with salt or fish sauce and placed on a tray to make it dry by the sun to preserve it. In general of Thai food rice is the staple food at every meal. All food is served at once on the table rather than being served in courses. A meal will include rice, dishes with gravy, side dishes, soup, and a…show more content…
Due to the most important Lao’s holiday is as the same as Thai’s famous holiday, that is “Songkran festival” the Thai new year an Lao new year as well, the celebration held on April 13 to 15. In this festival people pour water over Buddha images and elders as a blessing. After this is done very decorously, it turns into one big water fight, with water splashed on everyone in sight. During the festival the weather is very hot and sunny that makes people feel good. As a result of these holidays People try to return to their hometowns to visit their friends and relatives to join in the fun. A little differences in this festival between this two countries is that the meaning of three days In Thai. 13th April is also a national elder day, the family day is 14th April and 15th April is called begin new era day. Furthermore, a belief of Thai Isan and Lao are very similar. They believe that A baci ceremony is held to call the spirits back to the body in order to cure people illness, to protect someone about to make a major life change, or to bring health, happiness, and prosperity. A beautifully decorated tray filled with ritual offerings is presented to the spirits. Cotton strings are tied around the wrists of the person who is sick or who is being honored, and blessings are recited when the strings are

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