Odysseus As A Hero

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Odysseus, a Hero In modern society, heroes don’t need to be physically strong or slay monsters, we see heroes as one forms a change in society. A prime example is Malala, an activist for females’ education who risked her life to support her thoughts about the world. The characteristics needed to become a hero has interchanged from ancient society to modern society. Throughout his ten- year journey home, Odysseus has demonstrated many characteristics which can determine whether he can be considered as a hero. In the epic poem, The Odyssey, written by Homer, Odysseus is equipped with quick- thinking, intellect, and loyalty which defines himself as a hero admired by ancient Greek society. Although Odysseus failed to keep his men alive, Odysseus…show more content…
Odysseus alone survives.” With the time Odysseus’ men open the bag of winds given by Aeolus, Odysseus should’ve gained a thought that his men can’t be trusted by themselves. Instead of leaving themselves in a cave, Odysseus should’ve stayed with them and kept under surveillance. On the other hand, Odysseus failed to keep his men alive but with his men’s stubbornness and childlike behavior, Odysseus can't go out with himself without his men causing problems seen on page 398, “Driven by hunger, they ignore Odysseus warning not to feast on Helios’ cattle.” They depend too much on Odysseys to keep them alive and to plan for them what to eat, or what to do when things seem impossible. They ignore Odysseus’ warning to not eat Helios’ cattle because they they state that dying from starvation is the death that they would avoid.There are many reasons which support why Odysseus can be seen as a hero, or as Odysseus not being a hero with the many mistakes and achievements he performs from the start to the end of his journey

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