Odysseus: An Epic Hero

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The Epic Hero Odysseus? To begin with, some of the major traits that Odysseus had shown throughout the story that proves he is an epic hero are that he is determined, tough, clever, and loyal. Determinism exist within him because he did not give up on returning home to Ithaca for such an extensive time. No matter the task, he would always try and complete it, such as, traveling down to the underworld despite his fear of Hades. That also applies to why he is tough, as well as the fact that he endured countless battles in his long journey like defeating the Polyphemus whose father was Poseidon. To add, his cleverness shown the most when he came up with a plan to defeat the suitors who dared to disrespect his household while he was gone and impaling the Cyclops eye when he was intoxicated. Odysseus was a brave man who fought battles without hesitation. For instance, he fought fearlessly in Troy, dared to listen to the sirens knowing the possible consequences, and traveled to the Kingdom of the Dead.…show more content…
First of all, he has no self-control and is arrogant. Especially when he continuously taunted the cyclops Polyphemus when he was departing the island which resulted in a curse set upon him and his crew by Poseidon. Also, he is a self-centered man who does not takes no advice from others. For example, when Circe had told him to not fight Scylla when she took 6 of his men, he still fought and lost three men in addition. Moreover, he didn't take Eurylochus’ advice when he told him to avoid sending his men to Circe’s island, Odysseus ignoring this advice and doing so, his men were transformed into pigs. Lastly, he displays heartlessness in various ways such as, slaughtering every single suitors who did not commit death worthy
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