The Odysseus: A True Hero

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The lone survivor of a treacherous ten year journey home was called a hero even when he was at fault for 720 deaths. Odysseus is the main protagonist in the epic poem The Odyssey by the poet Homer. It is a tale of the war hero and his 720 crewmen on their way home after a ten year war. All 720 men died, but yet Odysseus is still considered a hero when he is actually the one to blame. Odysseus is the one that made decisions on a whim, and that was shown through the incident with the Cyclops, where Odysseus commanded his men to stay just because he wanted to meet the Cyclops. Also, he let his ego block his judgment as exhibited in the part of The Odyssey where Odysseus fell asleep and let his men open the bag of winds. Lastly, Odysseus’ stubbornness…show more content…
With his enormous ego Odysseus also has a minute sense of sympathy. This lack of sympathy and overwhelming pride diminishes Odysseus’ decision making skills and in return causes a lot of unexpected and tragic ends upon the crewmen of his ships. This can be shown through the chapter in the epic poem where Odysseus fell asleep on the boat and his men open the bag of winds accidentally, as they thought it was full of gold and silver, the winds escape and causes the boat to go back where it started, on King Aeolus’s island. From there the King refuses to help them again and they set out on their voyage once more, but this time discouraged, and stopped on the land of cannibals, also known as the Laistrygones. The Laistrygones bombard their ships with boulders and only Odysseus, his ship, and a crew of forty-five survive to sail on (Homer 176). All these actions would not have happened if only Odysseus was not so proud and told his men the full truth. If he was a bit more compassionate and sympathetic towards his crew, who have been with him for over 10 years, the crew would still have blindly followed him and not have questioned his choices. Also, if Odysseus wasn’t so arrogant and didn’t go back to the Cyclops just to take credit for blinding him, then his men would have had more trust in him. So if it were not for Odysseus, the bag of winds would not have been opened, and overall they, Odysseus and his men, wouldn’t have ended up…show more content…
Odysseus was too prideful to listen to his men and to leave the cave before Polyphemos returned and this alone caused a great amount of havoc that resulted in deaths. Also, he was too secretive and did not trust anyone enough to tell them what was really in the bag, the one that contained the winds, and that part of their Odyssey ended with only a crew of 45 men. Finally, with Odysseus being self-conceited with blinding/ yelling at the Cyclops, Odysseus’ men were all put under a curse by the Cyclops to see to it that no one would survive except Odysseus. A man returning home after twenty years is something to be celebrated, but when he was supposed to return with 720 other men and does not, that is something that is not worthy of the status

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