Odysseus: A True Hero

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Bob Riley once said, “Hard times don’t create heroes, it is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed”. Homer, in the epic poem, The Odyssey claims that Odysseus is not a hero nor ever was. In the poem, Homer supports his assertion by explaining in details to show who Odysseus truly is. The author’s purpose is to persuade that Odysseus is not a hero that everyone does expect him as so that he can prove everyone wrong. The author writes in a formal tone for the everyman to understand where he is coming from. In the book, The Odyssey, Odysseus is not a hero, because through out his journey he is disloyal, selfish, and does not have a good heart to make him a hero. Being loyal is what helps you become a hero, however Odysseus was not loyal.…show more content…
Throughout the book you realize he never truly has a good hero. One way he was heartless is when he confronted the suitors. To prove my theory of Odysseus for not having a good heart by when Eurymachus once said, “Then what you have said is just. Was all the doing of Antinous! He wanted to kill your son! Now, therefore, that he has met the death what was due, spare the lives of your people. We will make everything good among ourselves, and pay you in full for all that we have eaten and drunk” (51, 1). This quote shows that the rest of the suitors were innocent and Odysseus should have mercy on them. Odysseus never had a heart and realized he soon kill innocent people. He still had no shame and never regretted his decision. Soon after this situation, he killed more innocent people. ‘After they made the whole place quite clean and orderly, the men took them to the yard, so that they could not get away’ (53, 2). In this part, Odysseus and Telemachus kill all the innocent maids. These maids never did anything tragic to affect Odysseus, however he killed his own maids which in reality killing more innocent
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