Odysseus Epic Hero

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“A hero is someone who steps up when everyone else backs down” Odysseus is a hero that people think of as a god be in reality he is a mortal, but is a slave to the god; Zeus. He was taken from his family and was later trained by the gods, and the gods gave him challenges and obstacles to overcome threw his job as a slave. He later did a good job and Zeus let him him go but he shipped him out to sea and gave him challenges along the way traveling back home. An epic hero is a human being that does not care for his life but others, and the traits of a epic hero is bravery, leadership, superhuman ability, victories in dangerous situations,being glorified/ worshipped by others, and helped/harmed by inferring gods. Odysseus was a man that was known…show more content…
People may think Odysseus is not capable of being a leader, but really Odysseus is a great leader and is vigorous in dangerous situations. He shows his leadership to his men by telling them”We must obey the orders as I give them. Bet the oar shafts in your hands, and lay back hard on your betches; hit these breaking seas, Zeus help us pull away before we founder”(1135). Odysseus is showing leadership to his men commanding them to go through tough terrain of the sea. Odysseus is showing the traits of a leader; brave and true. Also people may think Odysseus is not intelligent but if you see his situation he actually is intelligent; for the decisions he made. For example, Odysseus is trying to escape this beast cyclops, and he thinks of stabbing the cyclops in his eye. So him and his men” sprinted, lifted it and rammed it deep in his crater of his eye”(1118).Odysseus was waiting for a perfect time to get the cyclops, and in this quote Odysseus is describing how he will get rid of the cyclops, so he waited for a perfect time to get the cyclops. Showing his intelligence, because he didn't kill the cyclops while he was sleeping in the cave because then him and his men would have been trapped in the cave. So he choose a good time outside to get the cyclops. So as you can see; Odysseus is a great leader and an intelligent warrior for dealing with this dangerous situation
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