Importance Of Soil In Garden Planning

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1. Soil It is easy to overlook the soil in garden planning; it is after all just dirt! But taking soil for granted can be a big mistake. The success of a garden depends much on the type of soil you are planting in. Most gardeners aren't scientists but basic soil understanding can benefit 'green thumb development'. What you need to know is that soil isn't 'just dirt'. A good soil contains many things. Soil has nutrients, minerals, and dead, decayed 'stuff'. It has water and other liquids; it has air and other gases. So soil is combination of all sorts of things from all over the place. Little pebbles, fallen leaves, decomposing critters and decaying leaf matter might be a few. This can account for the different colours and textures of soil. We are all familiar with the red soil of the…show more content…
Scissors. These are just as essential in the garden as they are in the kitchen. They fit in the pocket with ease and are useful for a multitude of purposes. Simple pruning, such as deadheading flowers just need a quick snip. Likewise, harvesting herbs and small vegetables is a breeze. And the practical, such as open potting mix or cutting string make scissors a handy garden tool. 3. A garden knife. The Hori-Hori knife is pick of the bunch here. A Japanese tool - high quality made from carbon steel. The tool has one side as a serrated edge, perfect for sawing through roots. The other side is a sharpened blade for cutting. The scalloped shape of the tool makes it ideal for digging. The design is a pointed knife; this makes it useful for planting. All in all, this is a fabulous multi-purpose tool. 4. Hoses and watering sets. Australia has a dry climate. It is sensible then to have equipment for efficient water distribution. There are many brands with trigger designs that control the flow of water without using the tap. These usually also have nozzles which provide a variety of flow patterns. Along with the use of quality washers, these sets keep water wastage to a

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