The Odysseus: A True Hero

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Was Odysseus a true hero or not? This question is very common for people after they've read the story, “The Odyssey.” My peers and I may have different opinions, but I believe he's not a true hero. For this reason, leaves his throne and family, cheats on his wife, does not share Circe’s information before hand, and he puts his crew members in danger. Does a true hero leave his home, family, or most importantly, his throne? In my opinion, a hero wouldn't leave the things he love most for ten years. A hero would stay at home and protect his belongings. Odysseus Ithaca and went to Circe’s island. Not only did this “hero” leave his family, he also cheat on his wife for information. I've never met a hero that cheats on his wife. Odysseus commits adultery by cheating on his wife with Circe to get information. However,…show more content…
However, Odysseus received this information in the process of committing adultery. As Odysseus and his men tried to return back home, Odysseus’s sailors were beguiled by Circe. The sailors were made to drink her magical potion. Soon, they fell under the spell being trapped on the island. As stated in Homer’s text, Odysseus attempted to rescue them with the help of Hermes who told Odysseus Circe’s secrets. Incapable to do so, Odysseus had to come up with another plan. During this process, Odysseus was already aware of what was going to happen. On the other hand, Odysseus did warn his crew. He tells them to avoid the dangerous song of the sweet sirens, and their flowery meads. He could be classified as a true hero because he told his crew what the Sirens were capable of. At the same time, he didn't warn them about everything. He's had all the information the whole year he was sleeping with Circe, and never shared it with his men who were trapped on Circe’s island

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