Odysseus Hero Characteristics

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Based on my readings of The Odyssey there are many characteristics that mark out Odysseus as a hero. But to me there are three main principal characteristics that mark out Odysseus as a hero, For example a hero has a fatal flaw in some point in time. A hero also has to be strong and overcome obstacles or flaws that prevent him or her from reaching their goal; it could either benefit him or others. The last main principal characteristic is having some sort of reliability to help him get thru those obstacles that he encounters along the way or super powers. The first principal characteristic that marks out Odysseus as a hero is the fact that he has a Fatal Flaw which is usually a weakness or something that has a negative impact on the hero in this case Odysseus. Odysseus fatal flaw is that he is unfaithful because of his love for women, he is very easily intrigued. It is a fatal flaw because it causes him to be unfaithful to Penelope with other women and sometimes just for the simple fact to try and obtain something…show more content…
Odysseus overcomes those obstacles by using many of his attributes that help him out in a numerous of circumstances. Some of Odysseus attributes that help him out along the way is his intelligence and bravery and determination. When Odysseus faces obstacles he is the one that has to come up with the solutions to the many situations that he and his men face. For example when they got captured by the Cyclops who is Poseidon’s son, who is left blind at the end of that obstacle by Odysseus which causes Poseidon to get really mad which brings more problems to Odysseus along his long journey. I picked this as a main characteristic because he faces numerous obstacles, but yet overcomes them and keeps moving forward to try and eventually get to his main goal,

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