Odysseus Is A Hero Essay

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Objectively speaking, Odysseus was considered a good man when held up to his people's’ standards, but was he a good man when held up the Bible’s standards? He accomplished many honorable goals, and carried out many brave quests. He was brave, cunning, and determined. Overall, Odysseus was known as a hero throughout the land. But some aspects of his morality seem rather questionable when compared to the Bible’s standards. Renowned throughout his homeland, and across the seas, Odysseus seems to be a good man, but if one were to deduce his heart, would they see him to be a great one? Therefor, this paper shall examine his heart from a Biblical perspective throughout many areas of his life. Including; as a military leader, as a father, and as a husband. At times, Odysseus proved himself to be a brilliant leader to the men of his fleet. Not only was he often persuasive, but also hopefully optimistic that he and his men might one day reach…show more content…
Odysseus left his son, Telemachus, during his infancy. Odysseus barely knew him when he left. As Telemachus grew older, the longing for his father to return grew stronger. After Odysseus's long and tiresome journey, he and his son are finally reunited. Their reunion was emotional, as shown in Book XVI. “As he spoke he sat down, and Telemachus threw his arms about his father and wept. They were both so much moved that they cried aloud like eagles or vultures with crooked talons that have been robbed of their half fledged young by peasants.” Examining Odysseus as a father from a Biblical perspective reveals Odysseus was a fine father. Colossians 3:21 says; “Fathers, do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged.” Odysseus instructed and encouraged his son very well after his return. He spends years attempting to return to his family, and though he had downfalls, he proved to his son that he was determined to return to

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