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Occupational Therapy (OT) is not a very well known career choice and since I applied, people always ask what OT really is. At the beginning I didn’t even have an answer for such a question. I knew bits and pieces that I put together from job shadowing, the internet and friends that had seen an Occupational Therapist, still I had no words. There was a gap in my knowledge about Occupational Therapy, and who would have thought that understanding the most obvious word could begin to fill this gap – ‘Occupation’. Throughout my 7 months studying this course, I have obtained a much fuller understanding of the definition, as well as the influence of occupation on patients and how it has built Occupational Therapy as a profession. My experience this…show more content…
This quote -for me- sums up Kielhofner’s work, and really shows how occupations are so specific to every person, in meaning, extent, purpose, degree, use and importance. There couldn’t be a more important foundation for this profession. Looking back to when I started as an Occupational Therapy student, it is hard to believe it was only 7 months ago. I think the real difference for me now, is when someone asks me what OT really is. Instead of having no words, now my definition is endless. I have formed my own definitions for what the word “Occupation” means to me, and it grows as my experience has and will definitely continue to. To conclude what I discovered this year: Occupations are not something we should take for granted. when dysfunction hinders one’s ability to participate in the occupations of their life, there will be a physical, psychological and emotional impact on the dysfunctional. Occupational Therapists are there to help them regain wellness, by aiding the dysfunctional in engaging in occupations as independently and to the best of their ability as

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