Personal Reflection On Leadership

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The activity today reminded me of life and how we are always working to progress forward. The rafts can be seen as our supports throughout life such as parents, doctors, teachers, and so on. They can also be seen as major life milestones we accomplish throughout life such as learning to walk, graduating high school, getting married, and so forth. We experience pain, sadness, failures throughout life, however we always have a chance to win back our rafts meaning we can always overcome these challenges or find ways to problem solve and figure out a solution. In addition, since I am working towards a degree in occupational therapy, the activity sparked another representation in my mind which was of a therapy setting where the client is working…show more content…
Even though it is difficult to all be leaders in certain settings, in other times and places those individuals can rise to the occasion and lead. During this activity, I never noticed anyone trying to dominate and have everything go their way. Everyone was involved especially in the singing portion and solving the riddle. This shows the importance of communication. Since there was not a main person conducting what everyone else did, we all needed to rely on each other and communicate what we were doing and where we were going. Those who had already crossed the river did not give up on the others but instead encouraged them and coached them through making it across. Truly the activity could not have been done with just one person. Having the input and guidance of others helped make the process go smoother and more efficiently. Hence, not only do I think this activity was to show us leadership but it was also displaying teams and group cohesion. This can be applied to a group therapy session. The textbook talks a lot about groups and how groups are working towards the same goal and sometimes having group cohesion and close relationships can either help or hinder the group from achievement. I did not know a handful of the individuals in my group, however, e came together for the sake of a common purpose/goal. This is a great way to apply this theory because it shows a group of strangers who are working to achieve and succeed…show more content…
As a child grows up, they have more and more opportunities presented to them in which they can increase their leadership skills. Personally, I would have never classified myself as a leader when I was younger. Even in high school, I was very involved and had taken on a lot of leadership roles, yet I still viewed myself as introverted and a better team player and not leader. However, I have taken on a lot of leaderships roles in college as well and by this point in my life I feel more comfortable and sometimes more prone to desiring to assume the leader role. Therefore, there was a change in me and I was not born with a natural ability to lead. I had to work my way to having this skills and become involved even though in some cases it was past my comfort zone. Each one of these roles I have experienced, have helped me increase my social skills and each role has offered me a new perspective in which I can utilize when I do lead. Hence, I am the perfect example of how a person is not born a

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