Informative Speech About The Aztecs

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Intro The Aztecs killed people as sacrifices to gods. In this essay, you will learn about the clothing and the Aztecs appearance depending on their wealth. Secondly, you will learn about tools and weapons the tripe used. Also, you will learn about there food and shelter. In addition, you will learn about the roles of men, women, and children in the tribe. Lastly, you will learn about what happened to the Aztecs after the Europeans came and destroyed their civilization. Appearance and Clothing The Aztecs mainly wore loose clothes and did not cover their full body. The lower- class women normally wore sleeveless blouses and wrapped skirts. The upper-class women wore brightly colored cotton clothes decorated with gold and feathers. surprisingly,…show more content…
The Maquahuitl was a sword that was used in every battle. It was made from oak and was 3-4” wide and 3-4’ long on the sides of the sword there were pointed obsidian rocks normally 6 that were 2-3”. Another weapon that was used mainly in battle were spears these were made with a long thick branch. Then they would sharpen a rock such as obsidian or cherit then use string to tie it to the end of the stick.then, they would have a close-range weapon. One device that Aztecs had was suspended bridges, these would help them in everyday life to get from place to place. Surprisingly the Aztecs had a sewer system, this would help them to keep their cities clean. Lastly, one tool the Aztecs had were dugout canoes this would help them transport goods because they were living on top of a lake they would be used to carry tobacco from house to…show more content…
One thing the Aztecs ate was corn they used the corn kernels in soup, called pozole. The cornmeal dough was often combined with beans and vegetables, wrapped in corn husks and steamed to prepare what the Aztecs called tamales.They also ate many animals including fish, deer, rabbit, dog, and turkey etc. Common Aztec homes were made of adobe (sun-dried brick made from clay). The inside of the Aztec shelter included one room split up equally into four areas. There was an area for the whole family to sleep in, a family shrine where gods would be kept, a place where meals would be prepared, and then the eating area. The rich had different homes these were made with better materials such as limestone these houses were more elaborate. The upper-class people were allowed to decorate their homes as the common people were not allowed at all. Lastly, almost everyone had a steam bath for their use at any time the doctors believed that the steam would wash evil spirits

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