Occupational Therapy Research Paper

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In occupational therapy, therapist use a variety of therapy tools to help patients of all ages adapt to a daily routine. Occupational therapy helps people with things that they have problems with weather it is mentally, physical or behavioral problems. They treat injuries car accidents, head injuries and many more types of injuries. They can also treat many illnesses like Stroke or heart attack sufferers, arthritis, and sclerosis. They disabled patients through the helpful use of everyday activities. They help these patients develop, recover, and improve the skills needed for daily living and working. There so many types of tools that occupational therapist uses to help their patients. Some of those tools are finger painting, games, pencil grips, therabands, silly putty and many more. They all help…show more content…
Exercises should be things that the patient can do at his or her house. These sequencers of exsersice are precisely custom-made to meet the needs of individual patients and contain daily relaxation, physical movement and meditation practice. (www.aota.org) Exercise like stenciling, this activity helps to get better pre-writing abilities and better hand writing (www.otpaln.com). The patient can also use exercises for motion and strength. Like with he theraband is a tool that occupational therapist use for strength that you can use at home or in the with the therapist. Working with the patient is the biggest part of being an occupational therapist. Occupational therapy emphases on helping their patients partake in daily events in creative ways. (www.aota.org). muscle relaxation is on of the things that occupational therapist woke on with their patients, they teach how you can relax their muscles and tranquil the mind which allows the patient to feel like he or she has control of their own body while reducing the amount of pain.

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