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Occupational Profile Introduction to Occupational Therapy OT 501 Ryan Hogan One of the first things we do as an occupational therapist is to understand our patient. We perform what is know as an occupational profile. This detail profile is a set of questions that the occupational therapist will ask their new client to gain an understanding of their viewpoint and background. This profile is completed with the use of two main techniques. First the occupational therapist will ask the patient direct questions concerning them. The second techniques that is used is just the casual conversation that will develop through the therapy process. With these two ways of gaining information the OT will have a better understanding…show more content…
For my client the occupation of school is still important. Falling under the education occupation, my client followed those past occupational experiences with being good in formal educational programs such as science and math, entering graduated school for her Masters of Science. Since moving to Connecticut to follow leisure activities of exploration and traveling around. She came to school in Connecticut but as a new aspect of occupational came into view of being a home renting. Being a renter of a house while attending school brings us to the occupation of IADLs. While attending school and renting a house we must attained to simple house hold chores such as maintain the lawn and items in the house. We must also be responsible for our personal items which living in a house with roommates means most of the stuff that is in your room. Another aspect of living on your own and part of the occupation of IADL is health maintenance. One way of this is her finding out local gyms and trying to stay physical activity knowing that it’s a way to keep up wellness and stress of school down. My client coming from California, new that there are different seasons here in Connecticut, developing a new routine and knowing what weather is coming is a key part to staying…show more content…
My client has firstly and always put her occupation of education first. Always striving for the best opportunities and pushing herself to never settle down for just average. As now she weeks into her graduate program and she still presents high spirts and striving at the sciences. Another theme that has continue to grow with her is that of traveling. She has traveled across the United States to attend college, and one the weekends she travels to the east coast tourist spots that she has never seen. The last theme that I noticed was that of sports. If she isn’t playing them, she’s watching them. She continues to root for her teams even when across the United States and has even set up personal goals at the gym. These occupations of leisure, education and play have done well at balancing out her life and keeping her in good

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