Personal Essay: Why I Want To Come To Grace

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One of the reason why I choose to come to Grace was because it was a place that would challenge me to grow with the Lord and people here to do not take that lightly. Since I was little I grew up going to church and going to Bible studies I had lots of Christian influence within my life. Some of the things that I want to work on while at Grace is trusting in God’s plan more because many times I focus too much of myself and what I want. Being able to live on my own has helped me realize that God is in control of my life I should seek out him in time of need or difficulty. This concept is very hard for me because if I want change in my life I can try to achieve that on my own but God is the one that I should be seeking because I am still a working progress. Even…show more content…
This was a tricking point in my life because I spent too much of my time with friends and going home on weekends and would save all of my homework for Sunday afternoon which usually stressed me out. Since then I have balanced social, spiritual, and school work time and been able to create lots of list to keep my on task which is still a working progress but I am getting more practice on how to stay on top of my work. Since I have been on off season I can afford to be more social with friends on weekends knowing that I will have time in the afternoons to work on homework and not go to practice every night. At the beginning of the year it was very easy to make friends since most of the people I was around were new to college and also looking for friends. It has become more difficult for me to go back to that carefree state because most people have already made friends with people and are not open for more. It was also hard in the beginning when I was gone every weekend and so busy that I did not spend much time on campus seeing people so after season I was opened by a whole new

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