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I. Executive summary Drip & Dry is a Laundromat that combines both Laundromat and coffee shop services. It is located in Portland, Maine. Drip & Dry recent customers are people, who are in the ranges between 18-51+ years old. Drip and Dry is thrilled to expand by providing variety of food options. Specifically, there is a need to provide lunch and dinner options. For example, Drip & Dry can provide sauce, sandwich, soups and other food options to the customers. Like other businesses, Drip & Dry is working in competitive market from nearby Laundromats. Among the neighboring Laundromats, there are speed queen, Fresh Start, Easy Clean Chenango Econo Wash and Littleton Cleaners. Regardless of this competition, Drip and dry will be successful…show more content…
Recommended unique selling proposition Drip and Dry is the only Laundromat that combines both coffee and laundry services. Additionally, this option of providing foods makes Drip and Dry different from other competitors. This unique selling proposition gives Drip & Dry the competitive advantage over other Laundromats. Therefore, it is important for this business to keep deliver best services to their customers so that they over compete the competitors. f. Message to communicate Generally, it is important to think about a message to use while communicating to customers. Mostly, it advised to think about an attractive message to the customers. The benefit of triggering customers is to influence them, and make them have a need to buy certain products or services. The following is an example that can be used to attract customers: “Get it at your own pace” Therefore, if Drip and Dry use a message like this, it will help the business to attract new customers in one way or another to buy new offerings. V. Digital marketing tools There are many digital tools that Drip & Dry can use to market their offerings. Among various digital tools, Drip & Dry can use social media, video chat, online videos, analytics, and mobile…show more content…
Budget The available funding to market new offerings is $20,000. There are many ways of allocating this funding, but it is important to allocate in ways which are less expensive avoid many expenses. Here is the proposed plan of fund allocation: Advertisement tool Cost Magazine Ad $15,000 Radio Ad $4000 per two weeks Printed Flyers 1,000 $100 printing costs per flyer Therefore, it means that 10000 flyers can cost $100 VII. Conclusion Drip and Dry is a business, which provide coffee and laundry services. It is located in Portland, and has been operating for six month. In order for the business to satisfy their customers, they have done a research, and found that customers like how drip & Dry operates. However, customers suggested some changes, including to provide foods option, and to change the opening time. Drip & Dry has come up with an idea of diversifying their products, by including snacks like sandwiches. However, the challenge is that there are a number of competitors, who might take all the Drip and Dry customers. In order to overcome this challenge, there are several partners that this business can work with such Coastal Catering, Café Ole- primarily Mexican food, and Slammin’ Sandwich

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