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Occupational therapy Imagine having a horrible stroke. A stroke can causes temporary or permanent paralysis to one side of the body. It can affect ones balance, vision, memory, speech, and cognition so activities of daily living like brushing teeth, combing hair, reaching for a can in the cabinet, speaking proper English, sitting in a chair correctly, etc., become difficult and are forced to be completely relearned. It’s like being completely vulnerable with tasks that come easily to every other human being. Depending on someone will become a necessity and doing things on one’s own will start to become nonexistent. Occupational therapist address people who have a stroke get over physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges. They’re…show more content…
They work with them in their homes, workplaces, their communities or facilities. Occupational therapist encourage older adults to remain in their home as they age. It would cause less complications and accidents from happening. They also encourage the children to help their older parents in their homes. Another thing older adults tend to have is Alzheimer’s disease, and OT’s can help with that. Occupational therapist observe the client at home and recommend changes to make it easier to do things more independently, such as modify existing routines, create new routines or add adaptive equipment. The occupational therapist can also determine if their client responds better to certain types of cues and other communication strategies, and work with them to use those strategies in their everyday life as they age. An OT practitioner offers expertise to removing access to dangerous items, such as stairwells and flammable liquids. They also watch carefully over their medications. They will suggest to the client to remove control knobs on potentially dangerous appliances such as the stove; and provide supervision when preparing meals. Keeping the client safe is the most important goal of an occupational therapist. They want to work with the client to create a safety plan based on the needs of the client, and other caregivers. For example, OT’s can determine how the client will safely obtain meals when no…show more content…
They help patients manage their health to be as active and independent as possible. OT’s look at everything from chronic conditions like diabetes, to acute conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Something that OT’s help with is chronic pain. It creates both psychological and physical problems that affect whether a patient can engage in fulfilling activities each day. Pain can decrease a person’s coordination, strength and independence. In addition, it causes stress that may lead to depression. With the help of occupational therapy, clients with chronic pain can learn to deal with the psychological and physical effects and lead to a productive and active life. There are many things an Occupational therapist can do to help a patient with chronic pain. They identify specific activities or behaviors that can cause pain and suggest alternatives to help ease the pain. OT’s teach methods for decreasing the duration and frequency of painful episodes. To decrease dependence on their use of pain medication occupational therapist will suggest implement therapy interventions. They facilitate the development of better function for daily activities at home and work. OT’s collaborate with the client's team of health care professionals, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, physical therapists, and physicians so they can determine the best course of intervention and treatment. Finally, Occupational Therapist recommend

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