Occupational Therapy Career

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Being a certified occupational therapy assistant, and engaging through this field for two years, I know this profession is a right fit for me. Therefore, I decide to study further and become an occupational therapist. First of all, this is my passion. I like to work with people and I want to help them as much as I can. I find out occupational therapy has variety of areas that I can contribute my part to society, such as psychology, physical or even emotional disabling. Moreover, I enjoy to work in this filed because I can be flexible with my treatment plan as long as it is goal-directed. In addition, I don’t want to be limited. Since I chose occupational therapy profession as my career, I don’t want to stop my knowledge at an assistant. I want to enhance my knowledge and skill and like to expose more into this field. I like to have the ability to complete a comprehensive evaluation and discharge planning. As an occupational therapist I will have more opportunity to specialize in area that I like, such as hand therapy, ergonomics, etc. I believe this degree will give me necessary knowledge,…show more content…
First of all, as a certified occupational therapy assistant I have worked with a lot of patients in different age, and different cultures. I personally really enjoy working with them. I feel empathy and respect for each one of my patient because I think each individual is different and unique. Therefore, I always try to put myself in their situation (an ability, biology, cultural, life experience, etc.) before initiating treatment to make sure tasks are meaningful for them within their ability. I understand that knowledge and skills are essential but the heart knowledge is indispensable, especially for medical profession like occupational therapy, and I always keep this thought in my
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