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The purpose of this study is to check the relationship among the job performance, job satisfaction and the Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB). The term OCB is relatively new and is defined in 1988 for the first time. In the past recent years the practice of OCB is increased and the organizations put more pressure to practice the OCB and they start using it as a tool to increase the performance of the employees. The world has become a global village and the organizations have to compete with the organizations of this global village. Due to this the organizations have to face the more completion and the success is not only based on the customer satisfaction or to increase the profit turnover. It is also necessary that the employees of…show more content…
The employees having OCB are rewarded indirectly for example by increasing their responsibilities and making them team leader. It has been observed that the employees who practice OCB are much committed to their job than others and they have high level of motivation, and job involvement. Active job involvement, social company activities, and general acceptance of the rules and culture of the organization are some common observed characteristics of OCB. OCB is a tool used to motivate employees and to reduce their turnover, and politics among the employees. Organizations often require those employees, who practice OCB and do more than their formal jobs, to carry out the organizational…show more content…
The job performance is directly affected by the OCB. OCB is dependent variable and the job performance and job satisfaction are the independent variables. The first variable is job performance. The overall performance of the organization depends on the performance of the employees. The employees, who do more than their usual job duties and provide performance that is beyond their responsibilities, are the first priority and requirement of the successful organizations (Chien). If employees perform their duties and tasks well the performance of the organization will improve. The concept of helping behavior is linked between the OCB and the job performance. The helping behavior explains that one should help the other team member or the co-worker to improve the work. This may be explained as, the tasks may interlink with the tasks of the other employee or there may be some team tasks. If they do not interact and help each other, the task will not result proper and good. The job satisfaction and the job performance are the two main indicators of the Organizational Citizenship Behavior. The employees, who are motivated, satisfied with their job and work environment perform the activities which are not in the job description and they also perform their duties well. The helping behavior is associated with

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