Narrative Report About Typhoon Nina

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A RoRo vessel was buffeted by a Gale Force Winds and huge waves and sank between Puerto Galera and an Island in Mindoro at 10:30-11:30 Estimated time 26th of December 2016. Gladly there is no Passengers and Cargo aboard the Vessel the Time that the accident occurs. The Passengers and the Cargo was sheltered because they are preparing for the coming of Typhoon Nina that Time. The Ship have a 35 Crews onboard. The ship sank off at the town of Tingloy and was seeking Shelter in Batangas Bay when it was hit by strong winds and waves. Mr. Tabanao said. The ship was battered by big waves and very strong winds. They were dragged. The crew said. The Ship is fighting, using their power; their engine. He added. Typhoon Nina, have a strong wind that extends up to 185kph in the center, and the gusts power is 215kph during its track on the Philippines. This winds destroyed the 41 years old Ship that is being hold in Batangas. The ship has a 35 crew onboard 19 is still missing while the 16 have been rescued by the Philippine Coast Guard. They Conduct Search and Rescue for those persons who are still missing.…show more content…
But unfortunately the Seas are preventing the rescuer or the rescue team to relentlessly searching for the Missing crews. The Starlite Ferries said that “Rough Seas Are Hindering these efforts” The 71-meter-long, 634 dwt Ro-Ro ferry Starlite Atlantic sank off Barangay Corona in Tingloy, Batangas, Philippines. The ferry with 23 persons on board was caught at the height of typhoon Nina or Nock Ten in its International name. The Starlite Atlantic had been pushed by strong winds into the shallow waters and ran upon the rocks. Sustaining multiple hull breaches the ro-ro suffered uncontrolled water ingress. Unable to maintain stability, the Starlite Atlantic capsized a short time

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