Negatives Of Pornography

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The night is young and your body betrays you. Laying in your bed, you close your eyes one final time, as you attempt to enter a deep slumber. Unable to clear your mind, you awake immediately feeling troubled. Unlocking your device, you enter cyberspace and pull up a downloaded video. To enter a calm state of mind, you perform an act of onanism to satisfy your body. What you are viewing is pornography. Pornography is material that stimulates erotic behavior to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction. Everyone here has conducted the act of coitus interruptus. You might be embarrassed to admit so, but we all done this repulsive act to satisfy ourselves multiple times. Unknowingly, we do not realize the potential dangers pornography has on our…show more content…
This is especially shown throughout the different genres in pornography. With nearly every single video showcasing content related to the dehumanization of individuals as sex objects, pleasure from humiliation, rape or pain and demonstrating subordination (MacKinnon 327). Rae Langton, a professor and researcher of the University of Oxford, explains that pornography is the subordination of individuals and not the cause of it (Langton 327). Langton specifically mentions that women are major victims of pornography, as they are slowly being forced into variety of inferior ranks based on sizes of body features (Langton 328). From there, Langton shows that pornography is also slowly brainwashing individuals changing the meaning of the term “no” to “yes” in sexual context (Langton 328). This encourages harmful activities such as rape, as it limits the freedom of speech and silences women from being able to refuse the situation. This widely demonstrates that in majority of situations, women are being objectified for their body parts along dehumanized as merely sexual items for others. Men are also objectified by pornography, as they are put into inferior roles based on the size of their genitals. Analogously, pornography acts as a “whites only” sign, as they both show a superior and inferior group (Langton 329). Where in a common scenario in pornography, women are inferior with the men as the superiors. Similar to the “whites only” sign, where the “white” man is supposedly superior to the “black” man. In both cases, they show a great deal of dehumanization. Where both the victims of pornography and “black” people are simply seen as tools for satisfaction. Supposedly we are to learn of mistakes from the past, in order to not recreate them in the future. However, with no effort, pornography is slowly changing how individuals view

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