Explain Intellectual Needs In Infancy

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Infancy (0-3) Physical needs New born babies cannot hold up their heads straight because of that, the mother must gently support the neck and head when picking up and carrying a baby. The mother should be feeding the baby special foods provided for different ages and water is very important as well because without it we will not be able to survive, changing nappies, holding and cuddling, keeping them safe and secure and always be beside them. However, the most important thing for a baby would be shelter and warmth not just for a baby for every human it is vital. Because without shelter the baby would not be able to survive due to the bad weather and insects, it will provide a safer place to live in as well the house should be clean and smoke free. The mother should be taking the child for regular check-ups in the health care (public health clinic, family doctor, and paediatrician) then again the infant would need plenty of sleep it’s also a time for renewing the chemicals in the brain and the body, ready for a another active day.…show more content…
During the first years of life, participation such as visual stimuli or verbal language is essential for brain to grow; without this growth, a child’s vision or speaking abilities might be impaired. Playing with the baby will show them you have actual interest and encourage them to play and explore even more, talking to them or reading stories, help develop language skills. Putting bright coloured toys nearby the baby gives them visual stimulation and motivation to move in order to grab

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