The Importance Of Relationships In My High School Family

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Relationships help people to establish their identity. Whether the relationship lasts or not, each and every one has an impact or a memory that will stay with us. The bonds we establish with people are individually unique. Not every aspect will be the same; all relationships differ from one another. Although not every relationship is deeply important, each relationship holds significance. The relationships I have with my high school friends will not all last. As the end of my senior year approaches, the unfortunate reality sets in that not all the friendships I have established will endure. Thankfully I will always hold onto the memories and impacts each relationship had on me. Moving on is healthy and losing touch with friends is okay.…show more content…
Three years age difference used to seem so broad. Especially when my brother was in middle school and I was in high school; he was vexatious. Now he and I are very close and enjoy spending time with one another. Soccer, basketball, sushi, adventures, sharing jokes, and watching movies are a few of the activities we both relish. At times we argue. Often we disagree. Once in awhile I wish I could trade him for a sister, but as college approached I see how important my relationship to my little brother is. A previous relationship that I will forever…show more content…
Faith is not always facile. Life has often been very difficult and stressful. The relationship I share with God is unwavering and singular. Throughout each and every challenge I have faced, God has always granted me courage and helped me to persist. Mistakes are a part of human nature, but because I know how significant my relationship with God is, I know that my mistakes do not make me worthless or a failure. Valiance, endearment, trust, wonder, and devotion are all words that express the way my relationship with God enables me to feel. Relationships are often arduous, but I recognize that my relationship with God is

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