Insecurity In Relationships

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10 Ways To Feel More Secured About Your Relationship Overview Most of us have big dreams when it comes to finding a life partner. The funny thing is that there is no perfect partner. This implies that, relationship is a matter of accepting another person’s weaknesses and complimenting the strengths. With this, everything flourishes well until insecurity arises. Even if everything is going on well in a relationship, insecurity always finds a way of popping in. It is one of the things that are responsible for broken relationships. However, the insecurity can be avoided using the following tips; 1. Talk freely with you partner Insecurity is often brought about by the inability to seek clarification on things. Someone tells you that they saw your…show more content…
Boost your self esteem Love starts with loving yourself. By this I don’t mean being selfish or mean to others; Always try to see capabilities in yours and stop focusing on the few weaknesses. There is no way you can ever make yourself believe that somebody can truly love you when all you can see in yourself is negativity. Every move that you partner will make, even if there is no bad intention, you will always create a motive. This is the highest level of relationship insecurity that destroy most relationships. In other words, boost your self-esteem by loving everything about you before any other…show more content…
Remember, your partner has other friends that they interact with. Give your partner the freedom to make friends with any gender and also consider being friendly to those friends. Focus on living a healthy lifestyle where you can watch your partner interact with people without you feeling jealous. 6. Let go of the past The past can be an obstacle that can prevent a relationship from going on well. You partner might have cheated on you in the past and because you still have that bad picture in your mind, insecurity come in. It is always the best thing to forgive and forget because you can remain thinking about you partner repeating the same thing. Sometimes, it may be you who cheated on your partner and because you think they will do the same to you, you become insecure. 7. Avoid focusing on perfection Every person has the definition of their perfect Partner but most people end up settling for what is close to their description. If you search for perfect you may spend the rest of your life without any success. You often grow more insecure when you do not get what is on your fantasy. Always yearn for the best in your relationship but never look for

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