Popcorn's Treasure Short Story

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This book would not have been possible without the love and support of my family. Special thanks to Tony G., for his encouragement, and Beyonca P., for her vision. In Memory of Stella. Popcorn’s Treasure By Ann Walker Popcorn McDaniels scrunched up his face in exasperation. Grownups! Here he was, flying to Cremaline, South Dakota, to spend the summer with his Aunt and Uncle Turner. Although he loved them dearly, he was disappointed about spending a whole summer away from his friends. “You’ll make new ones,” his mom told him a few days before he’d left. Right! As if any friend could be as all-around as Gary, or even Dave. The Captain’s voice over the flight intercom interrupted Popcorn’s thoughts. “Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten…show more content…
As the flight attendant ushered him through the aircraft, she stopped at the open cockpit door. The Captain emerged and Popcorn could see the Co-Pilot and other flight crew in the small area behind him. “Nancy here tells me this was your first flight alone,” the Captain said kindly as he nodded towards the waiting attendant. “My first anywhere.” Popcorn said. “In that case, since you are an unbiased party, why don’t you rate the flight, from one to ten?” The Co-Pilot offered. “Why, I’d give it a…….a 10!” Popcorn shouted excitedly. The whole flight crew broke into a cheer, and the Captain patted him on the back as Popcorn continued with Nancy to the airport lobby. “Hi, Popcorn!” His aunt and uncle cried out when they spotted him. Their happiness was contagious and Popcorn could not hold back a smile. And he thought, well…maybe the summer won’t be so bad after…show more content…
She was wearing a brightly colored dress, and on the table before her an amethyst colored glass orb rested upon a silver base. “Come in boys, “said the woman, “and I will tell you both your fortunes for fifty cents.” They moved cautiously inside and sat at the table. The boys really wanted their fortunes told, but they had spent all of their money. They looked at each other, their faces reflecting their disappointment. Before either one of the boys could speak, she continued. “You know, I just remembered I’ve got a special today. For a smile and a wink, I will tell you your fortunes.” Popcorn and MorningStar were so excited they could barely sit still. “I have a smile,” Popcorn cried out as he broke into a broad grin. “And here’s my wink!” Shouted MorningStar. “Very Well,” said the woman as she began to stare into the glass ball. “I can see in the stars that the two of you will find a great treasure today. That is all. Gigi has spoken.” “Wow!” Popcorn exclaimed. “Alright!” Added MorningStar. “Thanks, Gigi”, said Popcorn as the boys dashed from the tent, eager to

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