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Looking at the graph we can see that when there are low amounts of stress or high amounts of stress, performance will be low. Performance will be the best man there are manageable amount of stress. (Sincero). Middle Ground between too little stress and too much stress can be achieved with proper Stress Management. Though it may not seem important, Stress Management can't aim high levels of stress and do the right amount for Optimum performance. With the right amount of stress, a person will be able to perform their very best. Workplace Stress and its Effect on Relationships Stress is insidious. It finds its way into every area of your life. If you’re stressed in one area of your life, there’s a good chance that it will have a ripple effect on other areas of your life as well. It can be very difficult to compartmentalize the stress one feels at work from your personal life. Arguably one of the biggest stressors in an adult’s life today is work stress. This form of stress is difficult to escape and nearly impossible to forget about while at home. Because of the gravity of how much work stress plays a role in our life, our…show more content…
Talk to your partner and communicate how you’re feeling. Don’t bottle it up inside as this causes tension, resentment, and the potential for an explosion of emotions aimed at the other. None of this is healthy or productive. There may not be an answer to how to fix whatever is causing the stress, but at least resentment isn’t festering (Workplace). Everyone has different ways of managing stress. Having the safe space to communicate what it is you need to relax is imperative. Idealist Careers says that, “Talking about what restores, rejuvenates and relaxes the other is extremely important.” This is because what the other needs may not always be able to be handled intuitively.

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